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Google Play Store version 3.10.9

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
Google released an update to the Play Store earlier today, it is version 3.10.9.

nstall as normal APK, or push to systm/data rename to Phonesky.apk (JB/ICS) or Vending.apk (GB) and fix permissions rw-r--r--


Galaxy Note SNote Premium Suite App

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
Talking I have tested it on my GT-N7000 . It's working perfectly Talking


Galaxy Note 2 Official Wallpapers

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
Stripped From The System Dump...

Includes The Following:

1) 960 x 960 Resolution.
2) 1280 x 1280 Resolution.
3) 1600 x 1280 Resolution.


Jellybean lock screen FOR Galaxy Note - N7000

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
The guys who created holo launcher made an actual jellybean based lock screen. It's working great on my note.

Get your Certificate & Key for S60v3/v5 in just 2 Minutes

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
The common errors that are being faced by thousands of Symbian owners worldwide are -

1. Certificate Expired,
2. Unable to Install a Protected Application from an Untrusted Supplier,
3. Restricted by Certificate Type.

To Hack your Nokia properly you will have to have a developer Certificate and Key file for your Nokia device.
This process is absolutely magnificent, moderately easy and can have you get your certificate and key within 2-3 minutes at best.

Its is tried & tested by me - [Saleem].
There are some very simple steps for it.

Step 1 : Download and install the signed version of the application on your Nokia device.
It is in chinese language.
But i have given the screen shots using the english version of this application.
Friends the english version is unsigned.
So u cant install that without hacking ur phone.
So i am giving u chinese version which is signed.
It will get installed without any error.
Just follow the screen shots.
Step 2 : Open the Application and browse on to the last item on the screen!
This process is absolutely magnificent, moderately easy and can have you get your certificate and key within 2-3 minutes at best.

Step 3 : It is "setting ".
In this the options are :
1. Access point
2. Download path
3. Quit tips
Just change access point which u want and i recommend u to change download path to memory card.
Step 4 - Now go to the second last option
Which is "signature ".

Then go to options and u will find four options :
Choose second one which is
" certificate tool" .

Step 5 - After that again it will show two options.
Choose second one which is
"a button to download ".

Step 6 - Then downloading will start.

Step 7 - Then it will ask to save.
Then select memory card.

Step 8 - Then browse to memory card.
There u will find a folder named
" my cert ".
Ur certificates and key files are in the folder.

Supported phones for application :
N96,N95,N93i,N92,N91,N86,N85,N82,N81,N80,N79,N7 8,N 77,N76,N75,N73,N71,E90,E75,E72, E71,E63, E70,E66,E65,E62,E61 i,E61,E60,E55,E50,6650T,6220c,6210n,6122c,612 0c,61 10N,6290,5730XM,5700,5630XM,5500,5320XM,3260,32 50, 5800/5802/5230/N97/N97mini/X6
G810e,G818e,I400,I408,I450,I458,I520,I528,I550,I5 5 0w,I558,I558w,I560,I568,I8510,L870,L878,I8910
Note : People in India who are getting problem in 5 or 6 steps...
Just use -

1. mobile office in Airtel
2. rcomnet in Reliance
3. bsnlnet in Bsnl
4. aircelweb in Aircel

Note :The certificates generated by this method have 17 capabilities like opda's certificates and will expire after 3 years.
Then again download ur certificates after 3 years which can be used for next three years.

Hacking supports fully with these certificates. i.e., Full hacking.
I am posting only chinese version because english version is unsigned and can be installed in hacked phone only, and chinese version is signed and easy to use through these screen shots.

Remember : If u do not get cert in an hour then try it after 3 hours again, it will be due to network busy, and In some phones, it do not work with Wifi.

::: DOWNLOAD ::::

Flashing NOKIA C5 Sucessfully !!!! 100 % Working

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
Here i describe  a process od Nokia C5 Flashing 

1. Hacked Files and Links

Hacked Firmware
Nokia C5

31.022 - Download Link

Nokia 5230

12.6.092 - Download Link
20.0.005 - Download Link
20.6.006 - Download Link
21.0.004 - Download Link

Nokia 5233, 5232, 5228

12.1.092 - Download Link
20.1.004 - Download Link

nokia 5235
12.6.092 - Download Link

Nokia 5530

30.0.009 - Download Link

Nokia 6730c

31.022 - Download Link

Nokia N86

20.115 - Download Link
21.006 - Download Link
30.009 - Download Link

30.009 - Download Link

Nokia N95 8GB

35.0.001 - Download Link

Nokia N97

22.0.110 - Download Link

N97 Mini

12.0.110 - Download Link
12.2.110 - Download Link

Nokia E55

34.001 - Download Link

Nokia E72

31.012 - Download Link

31.023 - Download Link

31.023 - Download Link

2. Introduction

This will be a combination of guides and a small guide too, if you will, to point you where to go. The process will be faster and more informative even for the layman or the superbnoob.

2.1 Download latest version of Phoenix Download Link
Install it. (of course!!)

2.2 Download Nokia firmware from BLUE-Nokia

or here the directlinks FOR NOKIA C5 (hope it helps)
C5-00 (RM-645) Major 031.022 v1 (SWAP)
C5-00 (RM-645) Major 031.022 v1 (SEAP)
C5-00 (RM-645) Major 031.022 v1 (MEA)
C5-00 (RM-645) Major 031.022 v1 (EURO)
C5-00 (RM-645) Major 031.022 v1 (CHINA)

and from my experience, Original Firmware got from NaviFirm or BTUsers will give some trouble if using phoenix.. so dont use em.
Install it ~..~"
eg; im from Malaysia, so i download C5-00 (RM-645) Major 031.022 v1 (SEAP) which "SEAP" stand for SouthEastAsia-Pacific.
notes: (you can simply delete em all if u wanted to after done flashing) it will be placed at,
Windows XP, Vista and 7 32 Bit - C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX\ or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-XXX\
Windows XP, Vista and 7 64 bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Nokia\DataPackage\Products\RM-XXX\
RM-XXX is the RM version of your phone. You can find it by typing this in your homescreen/dialler "*#0000#" without the quotes.

2.3 Reset your phone to default by press and hold GREEN (call key) + RED + CAMERA when powering up.Keep the keys pressed until you get the shaking hands. That should fully reset the device, with a lock code of 12345.

3. Working with Phoenix

3.1 Connect your phone with the USB cable. Leave it OFF. Remove your memory card and battery








3.9 ~~~NOW HOLD ON~~~
u need to replace the original .uda files with the hacked .uda files and deleting some other files.
Now get going

3.9.1 Replacing original ".uda" files with the hacked ".uda" files PROPERLY.
click "Options" at bottom on the firmware update window,
then u get this; (delete file as pointed in the screenshots and also "rm645_mc13_seap_2gb_3.0.fpsx" if any)

Now add the hacked ".uda" (point it to where u put your hacked .uda files),

Click OK


3.11 Wait for this the message to Press Power On Button.

Plugin your battery (not the simcard and mmc!!). THEN HOLD YOUR POWER ON/OFF Button (red key) UNTIL YOU HEARD A "DETECTED REMOVABLE MEDIA" SOUND FROM YOUR PC

3.12 Hit Refurbish - Wait for the flashing process to be finished. Your phone will boot up normally but like when it was bought newly.

You're done! Phone Flashed/Revived.

4. Copy Patches to X:\Patches - Download Link
- Where X is your memory card drive is. Usually it's E:\

5. Dance like no one is watching - Open Rom Patcher + in the Applications menu
- Turn on Patches as you wish. The autostart will not work. You have to manually turn on the patches every restart.
- If you'd like the autostart to work, it's quite simple. First, open up Rom Patcher from the applications menu then enable the installserver patch. Then install Rom Patcher + 2.3 (Download Link). The autostart option will now work. *needs confirmation
- Installserver - Installing unsigned applications,
- Open4All - Viewing and Editing of all the files in the file system.

Request Format

Would you like to request your phone to be hacked? It's easy, just follow the the guidelines here and I will get to you as soon as possible.

Phone Model -
RM Version -
Software Version -

Obtained through dialing "*#0000#" without the quotes in the dialer.

my C5 RM-645 Flash logs
Flashing started
Creating product data items list
Product data items list created
Backup not required
Flashing phone
Scanning image files...
Waiting for USB device...
1. Make sure USB cable, Battery and charger are removed from device.
2. Insert USB cable to device
3. Insert Battery to device
4. Insert Charger to device
--- Press phone's power button! ---
Loading secondary boot code: 14912 bytes
Secondary boot loaded
Loading update server code: 520994 bytes
Update server loaded
Partitioning complete
Erasing complete
Asic CMT: Start programming 138401 KB...
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 0%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 10%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 20%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 30%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 40%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 50%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 60%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 70%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 80%
Asic CMT: Programming data sent: 90%
Programming complete
ERROR: Programming error reported for asic CMT
-- Error Type        0x05
-- Error Specifier   0x08
-- Offending Addr    0x0AE40000
-- Expected content  0x00000779
-- Detected content  0x00000779
Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device...
Phone flashing completed. Waiting for phone to boot up
Bootup successful
Verifying communication to product (before flash finalizing) 
Communication verified
Product code changed
Started product mode change
Product mode change complete
Doing factorysets
Factorysets complete
Loading default data to phone
Loading default data to phone
Getting Data Package
Reading product state
Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: mode change post delay
mode change post delay
mode change post delay
Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: data item pre-delay
data item pre-delay
data item pre-delay
Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
Starting to backup/restore data item: ProductProfile, version: 1.1
Data Item backup/restore completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
Starting backup/restore sub-procedure: data item post-delay
data item post-delay
data item post-delay
Sub-procedure completed: Succeeded., result code: 0
Backup/restore result: 0 out of 1 items were not backed up
Default data loading complete
Stopping all operations, returning phone to default mode
All operations completed
Product flashing succeeded.

5800 nokia free touch apps all in one

Author: Tejash Patel // Category:
-guitarPosted Image-drumsPosted Image-pianoPosted Image-flutePosted Image-cricketPosted Image-dartsPosted Image-jaltarangPosted Image-maracasPosted Image-jigsaw puzzlePosted Image-smstimerPosted Image-smart guardPosted Image-marble mazePosted Image-wavesecurePosted Image-touch card matchPosted Image
-touch maneuverPosted Image-easy reject(calls and sms)Posted Image-cricket (widget)Posted Image-myringtone

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